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This web part is ment to read the file content from the file systems and displays them as it is, it works both on MOSS 2007 & SharePoint 2010(Beta).

So far I've tested with .xml, .html, .txt, .word

Note: If the file type is html then it renders the htlm file in the web part.

Steps (WSS V3 / MOSS 2007):

1) Download the VITCS.FCViewWebPart.wsp package / solution from the downloads tab
2) Add solution file (VITCS.FCViewWebPart.wsp) to the centeral admin site solution store using stsadm -o addsolution -filename <filename>
3) Deploy solution (VITCS.FCViewWebPart) to the desired web applicaiton in the centeral admin site (in the solution store hit the Deploy link on the tool bar at right you see the option to deploy)
4) Activate the feature (VITCS.FCViewWebPart) in the site collection - this will add the web part (VITCS.FCViewWebPart) to the web part gallery
5) Edit the page and add the web part (VITCS.FCViewWebPart)
6) Edit the web part properties and set the input file location and save.

I've used the VS 2008 and VSeWSS 1.3 tool to build this web part hence if your downloding the source code and planning to modifiy and build then make sure you have installed VSeWSS 1.3 on a SharePoint environment.
After installing the tool and opening the project with visual studio right click on the project to see the build / deploy / ...etc options. Make sure you open the output windows in the VS to moniter the output statements during the build / deploy...etc operations.

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